Tenders in Pakistan Public Works Department

Tenders in Pakistan Public Works Department  





The Office of the Executive Engineer. Central Civil Division No-III, Pakistan Public Works Department. Peshawar is inviting sealed bids (Single Stage Single Envelope) on percentage basis for the work mentioned below from the registered Constructors/Firms with PEC in relevant category i.e. C4 and above (having Civil and Electrical License) with the renewal for current financial year 2023-24, as per given criteria.

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Construction of Auditorium at National Institute of Management (NIM), Peshawar.


Terms and Condition for bidding:

(1). Single stage, two envelopes procedure will be adopted, one envelope containing Technical information of Bid and data documents required for post qualification shall be clearly marked "Technical Proposal". The second envelope containing the bid price shall be clearly marked as "Financial Proposal". The financial bids will be on "Percentage rate basis" (not on individual item).

(2).The application must be accompanied with bid security of bid amount in shape of CDR/Call deposit from any Scheduled Bank of Pakistan, in name of Executive Engineer, Central Civil Division-III, Pak, PWD. Peshawar, clearly mentioning the name of firm.

In case of quoting rate below the estimated cost, the remaining bid security @ 2% of the bid amount i.e. excluding the earlier one & difference between Bid amount & estimated amount must be enclosed in the sealed Financial bid.

(4) The Annual financial report must be produced/ enclosed in the Technical bid from Satisfactory QCR rated firm otherwise the proposal will be rejected

(5) Organizational details and financial status for the month of December, dully certified by the concerned Bank (Certifying at least Rs.40.00-Million account balance which must be enclosed in the Technical bid), otherwise the proposal will be rejected.

(6) Registration as Constructor/Firms with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) C4 category or above along with renewal for the current year.

(7) The Constructors/Firms having five 5 year experience in relevant construction works and having NTN along with date clearance certificate for last Five (05) year from the Income Tax Authorities. The Firm must be (e filer).

(8) List of Technical/Non-Technical staff along with their qualification and documentary evidence of their disbursement of salaries on the payroll of the construction Firm.

(9) List of Plants/Equipment available with firm in working condition dully supported by valid documents as Registration etc.

(10) The firm will provide 3 No. Work Order Completion Certificate of a total of million Rs.500 million, not less than Rs. 100 million each for completed projects within last Five (05) year and Work Order for ongoing 3 Nos. projects of building works having same worth of total Rs.500 million, not less than Rs. 100 each.

(11) The firm must also provide list of all the works in hand irrespective of its worth to assess the capabilities of the firm.

 (12) If the firm's work experience of similar size and nature is more than the requirement of the criteria, the extra works can be considered for General Construction Experience.

(13) To qualify, applicants must receive not less than the specified minimum applicable points (50%) for each category and an aggregate of 70% points out of maximum 100 points.

(14) Undertaking on Original Stamp Paper of Rs100/- that the Firm/Constructor is neither involved in any litigation with any Divisional Office of this department and other departments nor abandoned any work/black listed in any Department, along with certificate/particular/ Information furnished are true and correct duly signed by Oath Commissioner.

(15) The contractor himself will come for application regarding issuance of tender form. In case of partnership, only the persons mentioned in the partnership deed/form- H will be allowed. No proxy will be allowed to participate in the bidding process. No authorization/attorney of any person will be accepted.

 (16) No Pay Order / Demand draft will be accepted.

 (17) A pre bid meeting will be held in the office of the undersigned on 02.01.2023.

(18) Bidding document containing detailed terms and conditions, procedure for submission of bids, bids security, bid validity, and performance guarantees etc. can be purchased from the office of Executive Engineer, Central Civil Division No-III Pak PWD Pwahawar, at cost of PKR 5,000/- (Non-refundable) upto 09-01-2024 during office working hours.

(19) The Bids 1 single stage. two envelopes "Technical Proposal" and "Financial Proposal" prepared in accordance with the instruction in the bidding documents must reach to Office of the Executive Engineer, Central Civil Division No-III, 1 Pak PWD Peshawar, by 11.01.2024 till 11:30 AM. The envelope containing "Technical Proposal" shall be opened on the same date at 12:00 AM in the presence of those bidders who wish to be present. Bids received after the prescribed time and date shall not be entertained, Partial and incomplete bids will not be entertained.

(20 The envelope of "Financial Proposal" of the bidders who fail to qualify technically shall be returned to them unopened. The decision of the competent authority in this connected shall be final and binding on the bidders and the competent authority shall not entertain any claim on the basis of cost incurred by the bidders for preparation of the Bids.

(21) During the technical evaluation no amendment in the technical proposal shall be


(22) The envelope of "Financial Proposal" of the firms who shall be qualified and whom bids shall be 1 technically accepted by the competent authority will be opened in the presence of their respective representative at the date or time to be determined and communicated to them later on.

 (23) The purchase of tender documents implies that the applicant is fully versant with the terms & conditions and will not have any claim/objection to any condition there after.

(24) The bid formed "most advantageous bid" shall be accepted.

 (25) In case if the tender is not solved/ opened due to unavoidable/ unforeseen circumstances on the first scheduled date second schedule will be implemented as under.

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